Virtual CMO

Does this describe your insurance business?

  • Are you looking for marketing and advertising guidance that will allow you to focus more on servicing your clients, instead of marketing your insurance business?
  • Have you ignored your marketing and advertising strategy for way too long?
  • Do you have a marketing specialist on your team who can effectively implement a marketing plan, but you need someone to lead them?

How We Help

Direct Connection’s Virtual CMO service is ideal for businesses looking to build brand awareness, expand client communication and grow revenue. We can keep your marketing on track – allowing you to focus on the relationships that will build your business.

Key benefits of having a Virtual CMO lead your team:

Maximize your time and marketing budget by fulfilling a leadership role without the high price tag. Your business can save tens of thousands of dollars compared to the cost of a full-time CMO.

Benefit from our vast insurance industry expertise. We specialize in the world of P&C insurance and have relationships with every major industry publication. Your Virtual CMO will help set goals, define your marketing approach and lay out specific items needing execution.

Establish consistent, effective strategies for growing your business. Move away from a haphazard approach to marketing and let your Virtual CMO help build systems that can grow and pivot with the ever-changing insurance landscape.

Virtual CMO Services

Where are you going and how are you going to get there? Your Virtual CMO will work with you to develop a goal-based marketing plan – with strategies and tactics that fit within your budget. With a clear roadmap and direction, we’ll guide your team through executing the action plan. 

At each turn, your Virtual CMO will connect the dots between all the marketing initiatives that are taking place within your organization to maintain consistent messaging and branding.  Most importantly, they will keep your team on track and ensure initiatives are moving forward.

Virtual – it’s in the name! Your Virtual CMO will meet virtually with the team members involved in your marketing. By pulling everyone together through one centralized authority, we can ensure there is consistency without overlap. 

Of course, time is of the essence. Meetings that could have been an email are expensive and can lower team morale. Your Virtual CMO will keep your team’s personality, skillset and workflow in mind, so check-ins remain effective and productive.

Keeping your team on track to ensure that a consistent calendar of initiatives is brought to fruition is our top priority. We can provide checklists, workflow charts, calendars and many other tools to keep things running smoothly. 

We’ll ensure every player knows their role in the game – using your team’s unique, individual strengths to benefit the overall execution of marketing initiatives.

Insurance industry publications, associations and news outlets are often untapped resources that can provide free or inexpensive marketing exposure. Our extensive experience and network of relationships within the industry are at your disposal! 

Your Virtual CMO can manage media opportunities for your organization by monitoring industry coverage and exploring options for added exposure. Once an opportunity is identified, it can be incorporated seamlessly into your marketing plan and executed.

More About Us

Direct Connection is an industry-leading advertising and marketing agency for wholesale insurance businesses.

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Are you a Retail Insurance Agency or Brokerage?

In addition to advertising campaigns for insurance wholesalers, our marketing team can create a wide range of opportunities for select retail agents. We can help you reach new clients and expand your brand. 

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