How We Help Insurance Carriers

As an insurance company, are your marketing efforts producing the results you need to meet your goals?

Many insurance providers struggle to differentiate their messaging from the competition.

The Direct Connection team understands the unique challenges presented by the various carrier distribution models. Whether you’re offering products through wholesalers, E&S brokers and MGAs, or perhaps directly to retail brokers, we can help with the issues you are facing.

Some of the top services our carrier clients rely on us for:

Is your insurance company positioned as a trusted brand? 

We offer a comprehensive brand tracking tool to show how you stack up to your competitors, including which top publishers are talking about you, your mentions on the web and social platforms, how many people see your brand, and other key performance indicators.

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Do you have an advertising and media plan in place, and is it returning solid results? 

As an agency that focuses specifically on the insurance vertical, we have spent many years working closely with the major insurance industry publications. We know which advertising initiatives work, and use this knowledge to leverage effective digital and print ad campaigns for our clients. We work with you from start to finish – providing data before, during and after each campaign to track results and determine the best action items to keep you moving forward. 

Our access to the editorial calendars of various publications allows us to position our clients as experts in their field. We can schedule interviews to turn your thoughts and expertise into widely read industry articles and editorial pieces that are distributed by major media publications.

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How helpful would it be to have a marketing partner with insurance expertise to generate written content for your business?

Our specialized writers have extensive experience in the insurance space. We can create custom content tailored to meet your specific needs – from blogs to research articles, special reports to white papers, and everything in between.

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Our services give insurance carriers the ability to achieve measurable growth and meaningful customer engagement – all while building brand trust and strengthening market potential.

Take a look at our full list of services and reach out with any questions – we’ll customize a plan of action built specifically for your needs. 

How can we help you?

You don’t have to struggle to stand out from the competition. At Direct Connection Advertising & Marketing, we pride ourselves on our relationships. We love our clients and enjoy learning about new opportunities. We work with a wide range of insurance clients across the United State, delivering advanced strategies that elevate business results.

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