Do any of these scenarios resonate with you?

  • You know a live insurance industry event will help enhance your client relationships, but you can’t find the time to plan one.
  • Your team will be exhibiting at an industry tradeshow, but you aren’t sure how to get the best return on investment once you are there.
  • You’ve heard others talking about virtual events and webinars, and know your company should be using these tools and/or executing them more consistently.
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How We Help

Do you want to be regarded as a progressive thinker who stays ahead of trends and sets yourself apart?

Industry events, tradeshows, conferences, webinars, and virtual events are great solutions for professionals in various industries. However, promoting your brand through cutting-edge virtual technologies and in-person events is especially powerful for the insurance industry – whether you are a wholesaler, association, carrier, cluster, aggregate, insurtech or service provider.

There is more demand than ever before for specialty insurance, tech tools and expertise – and sharing valuable information in creative ways is key to connecting with your audience, building your brand, and generating new leads.

Our team can facilitate a range of communication tactics to help reach your audience at different experiential events – from early promotion all the way through to strategic follow-up afterwards.

Event Services

Are you aware of all the ways an Event Manager can help streamline the planning process and bring your vision to reality?

In these demanding times, many industry professionals aren’t motivated to attend “just another industry networking event”. We can probably all agree that few things compare to face-to-face interaction – but what if you could provide something even more experiential?

We specialize in the insurance space and plan events for a wide range of industry associations and groups. Consider hosting an event for your top producers, closest partners or best prospects, and create something they won’t soon forget. From tradeshows to golf tournaments, yacht parties and everything in between, our team will manage all the details – including location & venue, suppliers & vendors, budget management, logistics at the event, pre-event checklists, schedules and more.

You’ve registered to exhibit at an upcoming insurance tradeshow – now what?

It’s not enough to just attend an event – you need a plan of action to connect with new prospects and make valuable industry connections! We can provide event checklists, branding & social media campaigns, pre-show promotion, custom SMS/text message campaigns, personalized QR codes, professional exhibit booth signage, post-show follow-up and lead nurturing – among other tools. 

Have you given your audience the chance to hear your message through a live, virtual platform?

Seeing is believing, and webinars provide an amazing opportunity to let your audience see your face, hear your voice, and reach a broad audience – saving you valuable time! We’ve helped numerous insurance entities leverage webinars to showcase their expertise, build their book of business, and increase leads.

Hearing the buzz about virtual tradeshows and don’t want to miss your opportunity to be included?

Virtual events involve people interacting online, rather than meeting in a physical space. Our simulated events are so much more than a video meeting – we replicate live events while promoting interaction through real-time chat, use gamification to add another layer to the experience, and deliver real time analytics for a quantifiable ROI.

Online Property & Casualty insurance tradeshows are ideal for busy insurance professionals, as they require no travel time or travel cost. We lead the industry in orchestrating all aspects of online events – from planning and promoting to managing and reporting – bringing it all together to elevate your overall brand. Let’s take your client or prospect on a 3D journey that mimics a live tradeshow space, while having fun and incentivizing them to explore your entire product line-up.  

Are you looking for a way to provide value to your clients or internal team, by offering virtual training?

We can work with you to develop an online environment that keeps your clients (and staff) up-to-date. From “how-to” series and tutorials to HR onboarding and internal training, we can deliver a platform that is engaging, effective and easy to understand.

This is a cost-effective, efficient way to get a geographically diverse network of agents and brokers up-to-speed quickly on new products, services, and regulatory changes.

Is your company tired of scouting job listings for new employees, only to come up short?

With an online career fair, distance is no boundary to attracting top talent. Job applicants can attend without spending money on travel – bringing you a wide talent pool to choose from and an easy way to get in touch. This dynamic solution connects ideal candidates with potential employers in a fun, user-friendly way.

Digital career fairs mimic the look and feel of a physical event, setting the stage for improved hiring outcomes. There are many benefits to using a 3D online platform for your next hiring event – ask us how we help empower insurance businesses to link up with unsurpassed industry talent.

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