Email Marketing

Does this describe your business?

  • Are you sending emails that are compelling to read?
  • Does your team effectively monitor the statistics from your email sends, to see what is working and what should be improved?
  • Are you sending follow-up emails to convert your prospects into customers, and informing your existing clients about new products or services to gain additional business?
Email Marketing

How We Help

Email remains one of the most effective marketing strategies for most companies.

We focus on creating distinctive, tailored messaging that the insurance industry wants to read.

Sending unique, personalized emails will set you apart from the competition – driving people to your brand naturally and indefinitely.

Our approach includes monitoring industry trends, segmenting your lists, and distributing content that piques interest, brings in prospects, and nurtures new leads.

Email campaigns can be educational, promotional, or a combination of both. We will help you use email marketing to effectively increase your conversion rate and add to the bottom line.

Email Marketing Services

Are you looking for a way to send emails to a fresh new list of insurance contacts?  

We have the capability to send custom messages to targeted lists of Property & Casualty insurance affiliates – bringing in a steady stream of new contacts to add to your pipeline. We work with top industry email vendors to reach specific lists, and we know what works most effectively for certain regions, demographics and lines of business. 

Are you missing the opportunity to stay in touch with the contacts on your current email list? 

We will help keep your name top of mind for your audience with personalized messaging. Our team knows how to get your emails to stand out from the competition, and more importantly, how to get them read. We tirelessly monitor results to ensure your message is being heard.

Examples of nurturing emails include: 

  • Blog Highlights 
  • Special Reports & White Papers
  • Newsletters
  • Interviews & Articles 
  • Onboarding Campaigns for New Agents
  • Product Overviews
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Webinar Invitations

Are you effectively onboarding your new agents, members and clients to ensure they are aware of your full product offering?

When bringing new agents, members and clients on board, it’s important for them to understand the range of services that you offer. We want them to, for example, continue submitting business long after the first policy! Let’s create a unique onboarding campaign that will automatically deploy over the span of several weeks, highlighting your essential products and full range of coverages. Don’t leave your new clients guessing – let them see all you have to provide! 

More About Us

Direct Connection is an industry-leading advertising and marketing agency for wholesale insurance businesses.

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Are you a Retail Insurance Agency or Brokerage?

In addition to email marketing for insurance wholesalers, we create a wide range of messaging for retail agents. We can help you reach your audience in a personal, effective way, with targeted emails that help meet your goals.

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