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  • Are you an insurance association looking for a (better) management company?
  • Is your membership dwindling, and you’re not sure how to get your organization back on track? 
  • Do you want to take your association’s financial position to the next level, but don’t have the bandwidth?
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How We Help

Running an insurance association is hard work. Board members are often volunteering with limited time to give, and unless you have a dedicated person (or company) manning the helm, vital tasks can remain undone for months on end. Direct Connection is all too familiar with this common scenario – and we have the tools to get and keep your organization on track with our association management services.

Whether you have an association management company in place that’s not meeting your expectations or you’re looking for a fresh perspective and to get things better organized, our team will create a custom plan of action to help meet your goals. 

With our unique insurance expertise and broad range of experience, Direct Connection is perfectly positioned to meet your association where it stands today and start building a new success story. Whether that means recruiting new members, implementing standard operating procedures, or simply keeping your board on track to be more productive, we’re here to facilitate your success!


Association Management Services

Does your board of directors struggle to manage crucial responsibilities? Do you find months (or sometimes years) passing without anything actually getting done?

Let us take away the association management hassle of following up and delegating action items. We can facilitate board meetings, create agendas, take detailed minutes and document to-do items so they actually get done. With our vast insurance experience, we can also field member calls and inquiries, ensure you maintain your nonprofit status, oversee payroll, handle tax preparations, and work with legal teams. We’ll take care of the time-consuming admin work so you are free to focus on continuing your organization’s mission.

Are you looking to grow your current association membership? Do you need help with membership retention?

Whether you need to add new members to your current base or better nurture existing supporters to encourage their renewal, we have the connections and experience to ensure a constant flow of new onboards. We will assist with the new member application process – and once they’re in, we’ll keep members engaged to ensure they are aware of association benefits and continue to renew each year.

Has your association been fumbling through budget creation and account management? Is your board struggling to keep the organization profitable?

We provide financial and accounting management that will put your mind at ease and ensure awareness of your financial position on a consistent basis. We have expertise in the creation and management of budgets, managing accounts payable and receivable, preparing financial reports, and maintaining accurate records so tax time is a breeze.

Has your organization resumed its normal events schedule post-pandemic? Or maybe you’ve been meaning to, but just haven’t had the bandwidth?

The team at Direct Connection has a long history of executing insurance events (both in-person and virtual) for a wide range of industry associations and groups. From tradeshows to golf tournaments, yacht parties, and everything in between, our team will manage all the details – including location & venue, suppliers & vendors, budget management, pre-event checklists, decor & promotions, on-site logistics, staffing schedules and more.

Does your association regularly market itself to new prospective members? Do you nurture existing supporters with an ongoing schedule of valuable content that clearly communicates all available benefits? 

Our long history of success and experience in marketing and advertising can elevate your association to a new level. We can assist with implementing a regular schedule of fresh, compelling content tailored to your specific audience – including email marketing, social media, digital & print advertising, video, webinars, SMS/text campaigns and editorial opportunities. To ensure your success, we provide monthly reporting and analytics to constantly review initiatives and implement improvements for the best results.

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